Meet Your SWEAT Therapist: Part #1


Since 2010, Amy McAndrew has been coaching her clients to be strong, from the inside out. “It takes mental strength before seeing physical results. More times than not, people are physically stronger than they allow their minds to believe.” That’s why Amy took up a career as a SWEAT Therapist. (Strong. Will. Empower. Achieve. Thrive). 

With non-stop motivation and a curious spirit, Amy continuously keeps up with the latest in mind, body, exercise and nutrition education. Inspiring her clients, sharing personal stories or related struggles + never repeating a workout helps to keep each session with Amy fresh, new and therapeutic. 

“I will admit there are days I feel like I got my ass kicked, but there are far more days that I feel like a strong bad-ass! However, if I didn't have my ass kicked, I would never know how amazing being a bad-ass felt!”

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